Sustaining the Cycles

Home Grown Gardening Classes

2014 Classes Begin January 25


Home Grown Gardening Classes were developed to help homeowners learn how to garden and grow food in their own backyards or community gardens. Classes are led by Diane Hollister, North County’s premier gardening instructor, and focus on topics commonly encountered by gardeners in our area. Classes are packed full of information for gardeners with varying levels of expertise.

The Home Grown Community Gardening Classes are held at the El Corazon Compost Facility or the El Corazon Senior Center on the fourth Saturday of each month at 10 AM.

Home Grown 2014



Seed Starting and Seed Exchange
Time to start seeds for March planting. We’ll watch Lee O’Hara’s tomato video to review seed starting technique and then we will plant some seeds for spring gardens. Bring seed packets to share and planting containers and we will provide a custom blended seed starting mix.



Putting Minerals Back into the Soil
Most southern California soils are low in organic matter and available nutrients. In this class we will discuss what makes for a healthy soil and how to mix a fertilizer blend to remineralize your garden’s soil.



Bamboo Building and Starting the Spring Garden
Bamboo is such a useful and inexpensive material for garden supports. We will demonstrate several ways to make trellises and supports for your plants. We will also talk about all the plants that are now ready for the spring garden.



Citrus and Avocado
Southern Californians are so lucky to be able to grow these two families of trees. Soil, planting and care of trees as well as a discussion of varieties available will be covered.



Second Planting Rotation and Unusual Edibles
Time to plant a second crop rotation. By constantly harvesting and replanting we can keep our gardens full and productive. We will talk about some less commonly planted fruits and vegetables and using filler plants in the garden.



Summer Fruit Tree Care
Deciduous fruit trees benefit from summer pruning to control their size and reduce fertilizer and water needs. Pruning now will also allow sunlight and air flow to reach the center of your trees to help reduce insect and disease damage.



Watering the Garden
Using the right amount of water in the garden is more important than ever. We will build a drip system in this class and talk about the different components of the system and how to determine how often to water.



Third Planting Rotation, the Fall and Winter Garden
Our cool season garden can be even more abundant than the warm season one. It’s time to take out tired and drooping plants and replace them with a new crop.



Vermicomposting and Cover Crops
An inexpensive and effective way to have better soil is to have your own supply of worm compost to add with each planting. Easy instructions on how to build your own worm bins will be given. It is also time to plant a fall cover crop. Varieties of seed and technique for planting will be discussed.



Harvest Festival and Food Celebration
Time to share our harvest. This is the class where we share food and recipes made from the bounty of our gardens. Always a favorite class, we will also look back on the gardening season and compare our successes and as well as what we won’t be planting next year.



Tools, Tools, Tools and Book Reviews
Our final class of the year will feature sharing what’s new and unusual in garden tools as well as the opportunity for participants to have a hands on tool cleaning and sharpening experience. For those wanting to drop some hints for holiday reading, we’ll look at some of the many great gardening books available.



No Class-Happy Holidays!