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Home Grown Gardening Classes

2016 Classes Begin January 23rd


Home Grown Gardening Classes were developed to help homeowners learn how to garden and grow food in their own backyards or community gardens. The monthly classes are facilitated by Mary Matava, agronomist and owner of Agri Service, and Diane Hollister, North County’s premier gardening instructor. Each class focuses on topics commonly encountered by gardeners in our area. Classes are packed full of information for gardeners with varying levels of expertise.

Home Grown Community Gardening Classes are held at the El Corazon Senior Center on the fourth Saturday of each month at 10 AM.


Home Grown 2016



Starting with a Seed  

Learn why and when to start with seeds, seed starting mixes, and the difference between seeds vs. transplants. We will show you how to make your own seed starter mix. Bring your own container to take some home! We will also discuss planning your 2016 garden and techniques to reduce disease and insect damage.



Fruit Tree Planting & Care, Perennial Fruits and Vegetables  

Increase the food you grow yourself by planting for the permanent landscape. We will also discuss how common diseases of deciduous fruit trees and how to control them with dormant sprays.



Growing in Beds and Containers  

Soil mixes and soil building, fertilizer. We will discuss key soil characteristics needed to turn your dream garden into a reality. In this class you will learn how to build a simple garden bed.



Water! Tomatoes!  

Water is the greatest challenge to Southern California gardeners. Drip systems, soaker hoses, and knowing when and how much to water. Special focus on growing great tomatoes.



Worms and Worm Tea  

The greatest way to get free fertilizer for your garden. Housing, feeding and care for these little workhorses, plus take home your own free worms. Cucurbits, including pumpkins with be our plant focus this month.



Summer Fruit Tree Care and General Yard Pruning Principles,
plus Perennial Vegetables and Unusual Edibles

Learn the basics of summer pruning to keep trees small and use less water. We will also examine perennial vegetables suitable for our area and unusual edibles that will add interest and variety to the dinner table.



Treating Plant Pests and Diseases the Organic Way  

Explore the organic arsenal for treating plant pests & diseases. We will also discuss the second planting rotation.



Recipes for a Fall Garden  

This month we will discuss ideas for using the wonderful vegetables that grow throughout fall and winter. We will also encourage our participants to start a fall garden. It's time to grow carrots, beets, parsnips, lettuce, kale, chard, spinach, peas and more for delicious, healthy meals. We will also discuss ways to grow winter tomatoes!



El Corazon Compost Facility Tour  



Preparing the Garden for Winter  

Grow cover crops, mulch beds and protect your garden through the winter. Start dreaming of next year’s garden and soil testing.



No Class- Happy Thanksgiving!



No Class- Happy Holidays!